Stage 4: Kellogg Hollow Road Race

  Schedule Kellogg Hollow Road Race
Start TimeLapsDistanceElevation Gain
  Pro/1/2 Men12:00 PM393.6 M4450 Ft
  Cat1/2/3 Women12:30 PM266.6 M4450 Ft
  Master 35+ Cat1/2/3 & Master 50+ Cat1/2/3 Men12:15 PM266.6 M4450 Ft
  Cat 3 Men8:00 AM266.6 M4450 Ft
  Cat4/Novice Men8:10 AM139.6 M2605 Ft
  Cat 3/4/Novice Women8:40 AM139.6 M2605 Ft
  Master 40+ Cat 4/5 & Master 50+ Cat3/4/5 & 60+ &70+ Open Men8:20 AM139.6 M2650 Ft

All mixed Categories will race together but will be scored separate  as long as there is a minimum of 10 riders per category. If less than 10 riders are pre registered the category will be moved down to the next category. Example: 4 70+ are pre registeres they would be moved into the 60 race and scored with the 60+ and the 70+ category would be deleted.

Stage Details

  • The center line rule will be in effect for all categories.  The road will be open for the sprint.  You will be notified at the start line where the road will be opened.
  • Any racer in any category that is outside the rolling enclosure must stay to the right of the center line at all times, including on the corners.  On-coming traffic will not be stopped.
  • The course is rolling terrain on generally good roads.  There is one railroad crossing less than a mile after the start.  The crossing is rough and at a high angle.  The crossing will NOT be covered.  The race will be neutral until after everyone crosses the tracks.
  • Each category will do a series of loops around the circuit loop.  See the race schedule below for the number of loops designated for each category.  The loop distance is 27 miles and has 2,010 feet of climbing.  The entry section of the course from the start to the beginning of the loop is 6.4 miles and has 385 feet of climbing.  The finish stretch from the end of the circuit loop to the finish line is 6.0 miles.
  • WARNING: There is a sharp left turn at the bottom of high-speed descents. Caution is advised.  The sharp left turn is at 10 miles into the circuit loop at the bottom of Kellogg Hollow Rd where the course turns onto McKay-Alto Rd.  You will be bombing down Kellogg Hollow Rd at 9% gradient.  Caution also advised on sharp high speed left 1.1 mile from finish.
  • Corner marshals will be directing automobile traffic.  Their last priority is to direct you, the riders.  Racers must know the course.  There will directional signs (large red arrows on white placard) at all intersections where the course takes a turn.   Any racer in any category that is outside the enclosure must stay to the right of the center line at all times, including on the corners
  • The neutral feed will be on Whetstone Rd across from the grain No feeding is allowed on the first time past the feed zone.  Feeding begins on Lap #2.  Feeding ends when your field passes the feed zone for the last time.  No feed is allowed for groups doing one lap.
  • Please discard water bottles and trash at the feed zone ONLY.
  • Finishing time bonuses for the first three riders in each group on the Stage 4:  Kellogg Hollow Road Race will be:
    • 1st Place = 10 seconds
    • 2nd Place = 6 seconds
    • 3rd Place = 4 seconds
  • Note:  All groups that are run together will be awarded time bonuses to the Top 3 places in their respective category.
  • First Aid located across from Feed Zone.
  • Junior roll-out will be at the finish line.
  • Number Placement:  Kellogg Hollow RR right side 

Stage Start Directions

Turn on 10th St. off Highway 12.  Kellogg Hollow Road Race  leaves from the Waitsburg Fairgrounds Staging area.