Stage 3: Downtown Criterium

  Schedule Downtown Criterium
  CategoryEst First Start TimeDuration
  Pro/1/2 Men5:10 PM70 Min
  Cat1/2/3 Women3:40 PM70 Min
  Master 35+ Cat1/2/3 & Master 50+ Cat1/2/3 Men12:05 PM60 Min
  Cat 3 Men2:20 PM60 Min
  Cat4/Novice Men11:00 AM45 Min
  Cat 3/4/Novice Women9:00 AM40 Min
  Master 40+ Cat 4/5 & Master 50+ Cat3/4/5 & 60+ &70+ Open Men10:00 AM40 Min

All mixed Categories will race together but will be scored separate  as long as there is a minimum of 10 riders per category. If less than 10 riders are pre registered the category will be moved down to the next category. Example: 4 70+ are pre registeres they would be moved into the 60 race and scored with the 60+ and the 70+ category would be deleted.

Stage Details

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