Stage 2: Wilson Hollow Time Trial

  Schedule Wilson Hollow Time Trial
  CategoryEst First Start TimeDistance
  Pro/1/2 Men3:30 PM6.8 Miles
  Cat1/2/3 Women4:15 PM6.8 Miles
  Master 30+ Cat1/2/3 & Master 50+ Cat1/2/3 Men4:50 PM6.8 Miles
  Cat 3 Men4:15 PM6.8 Miles
  Cat4/Novice Men5:40 PM6.8 Miles
  Cat 3/4/Novice Women6:35 PM6.8 Miles
  Master 40+ Cat 4/5 & Master 50+ Cat3/4/5 & 60+ &70+ Open Men6:10 PM6.8 Miles

All mixed Categories will race together but will be scored separate  as long as there is a minimum of 10 riders per category. If less than 10 riders are pre registered the category will be moved down to the next category. Example: 4 70+ are pre registeres they would be moved into the 60 race and scored with the 60+ and the 70+ category would be deleted.

Stage Details


This is a Merckx Style Time Trial.  Only Massed-Start Bicycles are allowed.  No aero bars are allowed.

  • There is no sign-in for the Stage 1:  Wilson Hollow Time Trial.  Your presence at the start line is your sign-in.  Racers are responsible to get to the start line five minutes before your start.  There will not be anyone in the parking area calling you to the line.
  • Competitors beware the road is open to traffic.  There is an early kicker right off the start.  Refer to the course map.
  • Race results at
  • No warm-ups are allowed on the time trial course – Wilson Hollow Road.
  • Junior roll-out will be at the start line.

Number Placement:  Time Trial numbers on left side 

Stage Start Directions

Directions to Waitsburg Fairgrounds:

Turn on 10th St. off Highway 12.  Wilson Hollow Time Trial leaves from the Waitsburg Fairgrounds Staging area heading east on Wilson Hollow Road.  6.8 mile out and back course.  Starts with short kicker and settles into gentle rolling terrain before a fast return.